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Agility is a FUN team sport involving a dog and a handler. It involves obstacles and a prescribed course and is a game of physical skill. It is a game where control and patience are needed and teamwork is paramount to success. Agility is a race against the clock, but accuracy is always the first requirement. 

Agility requires the handler to direct the dog through a course set up by a judge. Obstacles include jumps, tunnels, contact obstacles, and weave poles. These test the dog’s versatile and agile nature.

Agility requires lots of training through a variety of levels of agility training at CDTA. Agility foundation introduces the dog and handler to the basic skills of focus, attention, and flatwork with some of the obstacles in the game. Basic classes further develop the skills of handler and dog. Additional classes are designed to help the handler and dog fine tune the basics and work on developing more advanced skills.

It's a sport that requires team work and that requires a commitment of time each week to develop the skill that will eventually be used in competitions. Students should be prepared to spend at least a year or more in the training phase before entering a competition.

Tire jump

Please contact Marian at (360) 305-0593 to determine if there is space in classes.  

The next set of classes begins Sept 5th, 2019.  A continuation class will happen at the end of October.    

All classes are on Thursday nights at the Northwest WA Fairgrounds. Names are being taken for the beginning level classes that will start in September, 2019. 

Specific dates are/will be published in the current Agility Class Flyer - Sept 2019

Class Levels - (not all offered at the same time):

    Agility for Fun
    Foundation for Agility
    Obstacle Performance
    Basic Handling
    Intermediate Handling
    Advanced Handling
    Electives - e.g. - Jumping skills, Weaves, Contacts, Course Management, Introduction to                                         Competing.etc.

SESSION fee: This is dependent on the number of weeks. Generally speaking in a session, Non-members will pay more per class than club members. Juniors who are CDTA club members and are under 18 years pay one-half of the amount charged to regular CDTA members.   

Dogs eligible to participate: Any dog, mix-breed or purebred, large or small, that is physically sound and non-aggressive to people and other dogs. Dogs 4 months of age and older may start in the Foundation Class. Dogs must be current on all vaccinations including Rabies.

Training methods are positive and motivational.  Students are prepared to compete in all venues.  Students learn about equipment set-up in the classes as well.