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How CDTA Came to be

In 1983, a group of responsible dog owners began thinking about a club to promote dog training in the Bellingham and Whatcom County area.  They held their first meeting in October of that year, with ten people attending.  A couple of months later, they christened themselves the “Chuckanut Dog Training Association” and began plans for their first fun match, which was held Saturday February 18, 1984.  It was a great success, with judges and exhibitors congratulating the club on how well organized and professional it was.

Shortly thereafter, the club adopted its logo and the club began holding informal training sessions at local schools and parks.  In June of 1984, the club held their first tracking seminar.  Again this was a big success, drawing lots of praise from presenters and participants.  Also that year, C.D.T.A. began holding obedience classes for the public, and began their policy of community service by visiting nursing homes with their dogs.

Agility was added to the club's activities in the late 1990's. The first trial was a dual sponsored NADAC/ASCA trial and was followed shortly by an AKC trial. The club continues to hold agility trials for which it receives high praise from participants.

Most recently, Nose Work, a sport that takes the concepts of detection-style training and competition and applies it to pet dogs, was added to the activities list and has grown substantially. 

In addition to these activities there was Flyball and Herding. Though Flyball is no longer a part of the club activities they do support herding through an annual summer drop-in at Jan Wesen's farm. 

Many of our members are involved in other sports outside of the club including Earthdog tests, Hunt tests, Field Trials, Lure Coursing, Carting, and Barn Hunt.