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AKC Agility Trial Results


Results for the Agility Trials in the last 24 months are located here.   Please read the directions for working with these files that are .pdf type. Files may have different organization so please check. 

  • Results start with Friday and go through Sunday. 
  • Classes are in alphabetical order for each day - e.g. FAST, JWW, STD, T2B.
  • Within the classes, the Levels are also in alphabetical order. The P stands for Preferred - Ex, ExP, Mas, MasP, NovA, NovB, NovP, Open, OpenP, Prem, PremP.
  • Scroll through or better still, use the search feature in your .pdf reader program to find your results. 

March 2019 - TD and TDX Test Results

Stigen Tracking


Author - Pattie Dawn Moon


CDTA’s March 3, 2019 tracking tests were held at the beautiful Wesen Organic Dairy Farm in Bow.  Mother Nature smiled on us and gave us two days of lovely weather.  What a treat to be outdoors in something other than snow! 

 Two of the 12 entered dogs worked their way along their tracks, found their gloves, and brought huge smiles to everyone’s faces.  Passing the TD test was Australian Shepherd, Baywind’s Cosmic Dream From Woodlake TKI and handler Joan Armstrong.  Passing the TDX test was Working Kelpie, Feet Down Quinn TD and handler Maia Halvorsen.  A huge congratulations to both of these fine tracking teams.  


Eight TD tracks and four TDX tracks were made possible by a stellar crew.  Twenty three people gave their weekends to CDTA so the tests could be held.  Pole carrying, track laying, driving, judging, secretarying, chief track laying, cooking, chairing, awarding, hosting - all were responsibilities performed with skill and good humor.  Our judges were Dorraine Clark from Wyoming, Francis Keays from Idaho, and our own Jan Wesen.  Lori Daniels was the Secretary, Kathi Seaman was the Chair, Sarah Kahn and Pattie Moon were chief track layers, Jeanne Laverdier was in charge of the awards, and Pat Logan hosted the judges in her home in Stanwood.  Drivers were Amy Anderson, Karen Mullen, Debbi Humble, Margaret Managan, Jeanne Laverdier, and Pat Logan.  Pole carriers were Debbi Humble and Margaret Jezek.  Cross track layers were Sally Burmester and Suzanne Bizer.  TDX tracklayers were Lale Aksu, Margaret Cellier, Sarah Kahn, and Mike Kriegel.  TD tracklayers were Russ Burmester, Margaret Jezek, Lizzy Ramhorst, Dan Ruggirello, and Gabriella LaRoche.  Thank you one and all!


One more group of people should be acknowledged.  All of the people who entered their dogs in our tests after months of training, following their dogs through fields, going out no matter what the weather, waiting patiently for tracks to age, captivated by the wonders of the marvelous nose at the other end of the leash - without you we wouldn’t have played the game that Sunday.  Thank YOU!


Track on!